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Onze Gezellen Mini's 2 - Schoten Mini's 1

Onze Gezellen Mini's 2 - Schoten Mini's 1

Onze Gezellen Mini's 2

4 - 3

Schoten Mini's 1


Simon de Hoog Competitie


18 november 2023 9:00


Sportpark Vd Aart
Van der Aartweg 12
tel. 023-5376973

Saturday 18 Nov, Schoten vs Onze Gezellen

This Saturday morning, the minis from Schoten met the minis from Onze Gezellen, braving the rain and freezing temperatures to create a fun and entertaining match.

The team started with high energy and Shane opened the scoring early in the match and shortly later the opposing team equalized to 1-1. Jacob started in goals and together with the defensive work of Schoten they defended several attempts while at the same time there were some nice crosses and improved ball movement, including good passes down the line. Few chances to score in the first half and both teams entered the break at scores level.

The second half started with Jeaney-May in goals and a strong kick out early. It was again clearly visible the teams passing and play was on-song today. The opposition took a chance and scored to bring the score to 1-2, but Schoten fought back, with a great long shot saved by their keeper and then again a second long shot saved. The opposition were under pressure. With improved passing, we also saw improved ball handling. But against the play, the opposition scored again, now 1-3.

Our team kept pushing, strong defense from Jacob stopping a run and clearing danger twice, Lily, Chase and Finn getting in the way of their attacks, Duuk almost scoring a long goal, a beautiful sliding tackle from Duuk. There were some good runs and beautiful long deep pass from Shane to Duuk which brought a shot across the goal. Then with the continued hard work we received a payoff with a pass from Daley to Shane scoring, now 2-3.

There was good moments but the opposition found the back of the net to increase their lead to 2-4. But again, the team kept up the hard work, and again the team created good plays and chances. Then Shane found a pass through to Duuk and we scored a great goal to bring the score to 3-4. There was one last chance to equalize but then the time was up and a close result in the end.

Till Wednesday.

Thanks, Cameron (Lily’s dad)


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